Friday, July 22, 2016

Bear Rears Make a Fun and Unique Addition to My Christmas Tree

Happy summer!

 I haven't been very good about posting here.  I'm surprised I can remember how :)  So here I go...... Seems like a good time for a little Christmas in July:)

 My plan each Christmas is to come up with at least one new idea to include in my Christmas decorations. Last year I wanted to add something unusual and fun,  so I came up with the idea of climbing bears for my main tree. I really wanted them to look as if they were climbing up the tree in search of honey or some other tasty treat.  Since only the back of them would show in the tree, I made their rear ends only. I had one on each side of my tree competing for the honey at the top of the tree.   .

 Brown bears seemed like a good choice since I live in  Minnesota  and they can be found here.  Black and white bears would be fun as well. It always depends a little on what materials I can find.

 These bears are pretty good sized and I am hoping to make some smaller ones as well.  Creating them with only the bottom half makes it easy to nestle them in the branches.  The design includes ties at the base for attaching to the trunk of the tree.    Once they are tied to the tree, the legs can be arranged.

 I hope you enjoy them.  Thanks for looking! Let me know what you think or what great Christmas ideas you have had.